Wasilla, Alaska

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Wasilla, Alaska

Wonderful sunset on Finger Lake, Wasilla, Alaska. 

My parents recently moved to the shores of Finger Lake in Wasilla.  This image is of Janine and I posing on my parents new dock, during a amazing sunset this past October.  I hoped this photo would convey a peaceful and relaxing mood and setting, even though the actual moment wasn’t.  You see I would start the 10 second self timer on the camera, and then would run into position as quickly as possible without falling into the cold water, and then had to immediately look relaxed, only to jump up and repeat!  Not really relaxing at all.  A photo often tells a story, but it doesn’t always tell the truth. 

This photo is straight from the camera, I didn’t add saturation or even clean the dust spots – that is what a great sunset it was that night.  If anything, this image understates the actual colors.

My parents seem to really be enjoying living on the lake, their fishing commute time has been reduced to about zero!  I know we are going to enjoy visiting and photographing such a beautiful setting.

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