Waterpocket Fold

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Waterpocket Fold, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah.

Waterpocket Fold, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah.

It is fun to work our way through the images from our last trip now that we are back in the office. 

I had previously posted an aerial view of the Waterpocket Fold, this is a view from ground level of this amazing geological feature.

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  1. Hey Ron,

    That’s quite a view. Cool landscape, eh?

    I agree with you on how much fun it is to review and work on images after a trip. I’m so for behind on that stuff myself.

    Was it hazy down there?



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    That Carl,

    Yeah, that is some cool country!

    It was hazy down there at times thanks in part to some fires in California. This was actually a really clear day – the distant mountains are pretty far away at least for typical lower 48 visibility.

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