What happened to my living room????

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Folks, this is why I don’t take pictures and you should use a tripod!  Even with Ron taking care of all the camera settings I still managed to take a soft picture.  Anyway, the real reason for this post is because I found this very funny.  I stepped out of the house for literally no more than 2 or 3 minutes and I walked back into the living room to find what you see in the picture.  Ron had completely torn the living room apart and set up shop.  He had just received his latest “toy” and was like a kid at Christmas.  I could not believe he had managed to totally rearrange the room and set up that fast.  It made me laugh. 

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  1. LOL

    As a photographer, I can’t just post a snap shot of a ballhead, it has to be half way decent, so it was a good chance to play with my new light stands and umbrellas. I do very little with off camera flash, so it was fun to experiment.

  2. Janine;

    Your “soft” photo is wonderful, I love soft photos…..I guess it’s because that is the only kind of photo I take (since I never use a tripod). The couch looks nice there, but access to the hall might be a challenge. 🙂 🙂 🙂


  3. Ron,

    Hmmm, now the renewed interest in Strobist, mentioned in your May 23rd post, is better understood.

    Looks like a practical, compact, relatively light weight lighting system. Looking forward to a report after you’ve collected more experience using the system under ‘field’ conditions. The “Ballhead” photo earlier suggests you’ve pretty much mastered using it under ‘studio’ conditions.



  4. It would be funny if you were to try walking around the streets w/ that set up. Janine could carry the umbrellas and you walk up to people to shoot their photo on the fly. It could work too because people would be too distracted by wondering what you are doing.

  5. Hey Richard, you know if Janine just held the flash and we didn’t use the stands, it just might work!

    You nailed it Warren. In fact that is a “strobist kit”. I wished I had that setup last winter when we were camping next to the hummingbird nest! If you saw how many attempts it took to get the ballhead image, you would realize I have a long ways to go before I master flash. 🙂

    Hi Mom,

    Yeah, climbing over the couch to go down the hall didn’t work out too well.



  6. Men are little kids, aren’t they? That’s a good thing, though! I think your living room looks great, anyway! LOVE the couch.

  7. Yeah Janine, At least you’re not married to some old stuffed shirt! Well, mabe there is straw underneath there!! LOL

  8. Hey Ron,

    I hope I catch you before you head to Denali.

    Mount this rig on your truck – one strobe on each side .. a couple of better beamers and you’ll have the best lit bears and wolves in all of Alaska.

    Good luck with it.



  9. You know Carl when I posted this I remember thinking; I’m so glad Carl is in the Wrangel’s right now so that I won’t have to hear about those shorts!



  10. Hi Carl,

    Actually I’m heading off to Denali tomorrow – I will have to catch you when you get back from that place I don’t know you are going to.


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