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A whimbrel working the shoreline in a light rain, Seward, Alaska.

A whimbrel working the shoreline in a light rain, Seward, Alaska.

Yesterday morning, seven whimbrels landed briefly in our front yard.  Yesterday evening I went out and worked the coast for a bit and wouldn’t you know it, found a group of seven whimbrels!  This photo is of one of them as I laid still in the rain and mud.  Later that evening, as I began to drive back to the house I spotted a group of – you guessed it, seven whimbrels flying overhead and off into the distance to the north.

Coincidence, or was I seeing the same birds each time?  As I thanked them and bid them a farewell, my simple, fairy tale mind likes to think it was the same birds each time.  🙂

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  2. What are you baiting the whimbrels with? You clearly have them well trained.
    And still crawling around in the mud??? I thought you grew out of that. Oh. Thats right. Its why we became photographers. So we could do things like that and still appear mostly sane or possibly even intelligent. Amazing what we can get away with as photographers!

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    Thanks Toby and Mark!

    Calvin – I think we have it pretty good by making a living crawling around in the mud! I know you do. Thanks man.

  4. Ron, this is what I always refer to as the universe talking to me: three common themes presented in the same day. Glad you were listening! I really like how the shallow DOF helps to frame the whimbrel, in both focus and color.

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  6. I would echo some of the other comments here regarding the way you used some lovely, subtle color gradients to frame the bird — very nice! One question, Ron: Any tips for protecting your equipment when crawling in the mud and photographing in the rain? I’m currently scared to death of getting my camera wet …

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    Ken, I used to be the same way. After getting caught is some terrible weather a few times, I began to realize that these cameras handle rain better then I ever realized. If it is a light rain like I was in here, I don’t do anything. If it is raining harder, I will wrap it in a trash bag. Nothing fancy, but at least trash bags are small and light, so they are easy to carry in a camera bag. I used to have a fancy coat think, but it took so much room I never carried it.

  8. Dreamy is a perfect word! Beautiful pastels. You just thought you were checking those birds out but in reality they were checking you out!

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