Whistler Sunset

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Sunset over Whistler, Canada.

Sunset over Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.

These beautiful clouds and thunderstorm pretty much appeared out of nowhere at the end of a hot day in Whistler.  This is at the base of Whistler Mountain – you can see some of the Bike Park.  The top of the mountain you see here is the 1/3 point on the ride to the top!  Blackcomb is equally as tall, and rises to the left of this view.

Usually the blog is pretty close to real time – but I have fallen behind a bit.  We actually returned to Alaska yesterday, but I will keep sharing more photos from this trip.

Having only one full day (two nights) in both Whistler and Victoria was not near enough time.  Unfortunately, it would have cost us a bunch more of our valuable  free miles to return after Tuesday – so we did our best to cram it all in.

I’m hoping these summer images will be a good compliment to our winter Whistler photos.

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  2. Great picture Ron. Was this picture taken Saturday evening? We were driving down from Whistler and encountered a huge thunderstorm after Squamish which colored the whole view orange/red. I only managed to take one shot before the rain and hail started to pour down…

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    I agree Dan, I could live there – well except for the money thing!

    Thanks Kris – Yeah, this was Saturday night. I read latter that there was a similar sunset in Vancouver, then when we arrived in Victoria on Sunday, they were also talking about a similar sight from Saturday night. Sounds like it was a wide spread sight. It was amazing!

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