Winter Frost

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This was from a hike in Portage Valley this past Saturday.  It was a bit cold for this time of year, at least in this area – the temperature varied from 10 to 15 below Fahrenheit.  These trees were nicely back lit by nice golden light as the sun just peaked over the mountains on the horizon to the South – right about at high noon!  A good portion of the Portage Valley doesn’t even see sun this time of year.

This reminds me of a post I did a few years ago that might be of value:  8 winter photography tips.

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  1. Spectacular! Does there have to be a lot of water in the air for this much frost? I’ve only seen frost in Rocky a couple of times and it is so much more wonderful than any other I’ve ever seen. Looks like Alaska frost is the same!

    Our cabin in Estes is in an area that has been evacuated because winds fannned a fire in Rocky over night a couple of nights ago, moving 3 miles in 35 minutes. Fire started in early Oct. before we left in an area I’ve hiked to that is hard for firefighters to reach and is now at Bear Lake Rd. and edge of Moraine Park, just a couple of miles from our cabin. So far they’re keeping it in the Park.

  2. Makes me cold just reading those 8 tips. Don’t think I’m up for that kind of photography. That’s why you’re the professional!

  3. Post

    Thanks Noella!

    Hi Joni – thanks! Yes, it does help to have some open water nearby to create the fog needed to really load the branches up.

    That fire is crazy – especially for this time of year! I hope your cabin stays safe!

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