Winter Humpback Whales

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A couple of humpback whales, Seward, Alaska.

A couple of humpback whales, Seward, Alaska.

This was captured just a few minutes ago – as two humpback whales swam out in front of our home / office!  I sure live in a great place!

I have often heard it said that humpback whales will summer in Alaska and winter in Hawaii, but there is a fair number of humpbacks that remain in Alaska all year.

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  2. That’s awesome, Ron! Its a gorgeous scene, and I really like the high-end exposure. And needless to say, I’m quite jealous of the view you have from home — WOW!

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    Thanks everyone!

    @ Jon – wow, a comment all the way from South America!

    @ Pat thanks – this was straight into the sun.

    @ David Yes, fortunately we have nice mountains and whales! Hope your wisdom teeth are doing better.

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  5. Highly impressive photos of beautiful natural views. Very beautiful nature and creative works. Most of all I like the photo, where orange skies, mountains and see are perfectly combined in a single whole. Awesome work, thanks!

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