Winter in Seward

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Resurrection River and Mt. Marathon, Seward, Alaska.

Resurrection River and Mt. Marathon, Seward, Alaska.

We have had an amazing stretch of weather combined with some wonderful winter light – I did a lot of photography this weekend!  Here I waded out into the river and got as low as possible.

This is looking South toward Mt. Marathon and the bowl area, a place we spent the night last summer.  You might remember this image from Mt. Marathon looking North from Mt. Marathon down towards the Resurrection River.

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  1. Very nice image Ron. Movement is a winning component. You live in such a cool place. I mean, a very beautiful place–I’m in the cool place, or cold place I guess. But it has been so warm lately!

  2. I don’t know I will ever visit Alaska in winter or not. But at least Ron you are there show us how Alaska looks like in winter. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Very nice. I like the texture of the water. How do you protect your camera when you go into the water like that? And isn’t the water ice cold–do you wear any waders for this?

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    Thanks a lot!

    Patrick – we live in the banana built compared to what you experience up there in Fairbanks!

    Scott, I did have a pair on insulated XtraTuffs on. They are very warm rubber boots that a popular around here. I didn’t do anything to protect the camera, but I walked and set up very carefully. I always worry about stepping on a icy stretch of river bottom.


  5. Ron,
    Another BEAUTIFUL photo! Everytime I see one of your photos, it makes me want to pack up and move to Alaksa. To have such amazing scenery within reach, every day… A photographer’s dream!


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  8. Wow! I love Seward. I just recently relocated to Estes Park, Co. My wife and I debated moving to Seward for years, but settled on Colorado to be closer to family.

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    Hi Dan,

    We made our first visit to Estes Park this fall – it is a beautiful town as well! You couldn’t have gone wrong either way.

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