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Winter mountains, Seward, Alaska.

Winter mountains, Seward, Alaska.

Since I haven’t had time to write anything lately for the photo blog, I thought I would mention a few blog posts I wrote back in 2006 that seem applicable for this season.  Back then this blog had very few followers, at least compared to today, so it is very possible that these will be new to you, and since they are are a few of my most linked to and commented on posts, they just may be worth checking out!

First is one on winter photography entitled Winter Photography, 8 Great Tips.  Here you will find some suggestions that you don’t always read about thanks to my many many winters in Alaska!

This is also a great time of year for northern light photography.  Although it has been another slow year for the northern lights (aurora borealis) as we are just beginning to climb out of the bottom of the solar cycle – I didn’t realize just how good we had it back in 2000 to 2004, I wish I had taken better advantage, but  there are still opportunities, especially if you can travel North or East of Fairbanks.

So the first stepping is finding out when and where the Northern Lights will appear, and this post should help:  Finding Northern Lights.

Then, here are tips for photographing the Northern Lights:  Photographing the Northern Lights.

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  4. The winters here in alaska are wonderful but a lot of people dont get to enjoy it like us i am very happy you have created this blog to show the world Alaska is a wonderful place thanks

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