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  2. Ethan Meleg

    Ron, I like this one even more than the previous shot you posted with the trees closer in the foreground. A very painterly-pastel scene.. awesome!

  3. Post

    Thanks everyone!

    @ Dennis – I’m looking forward to seeing it – since the article was about me, it didn’t pay anything, but great publicity!

  4. Mark

    I think I like this composition better Ron if I had to choose. Although I liked the earlier shot, I feel this one is a bit more balanced. Each has its own merits.

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  6. Post

    @ Joni – Thanks! I like the light better in this one, but the composition better in the previous one. Happy New Year!

    @ Scott – Thanks! I agree.

  7. Stefania consani

    Ron.. I think that you live in a fable place…and your works are real dreams.
    Fantastics colors and music in the air. I can listen hush and fell the cold. Thanks.

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