Wolf close up!

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Wolf Proflile

This old photo was one of my first decent wild wolf images.  I was sitting by myself early one morning at a nice viewpoint overlooking a river valley in Denali National Park, Alaska.  It was a valley in which I had seen a lot of wolf activity over the previous days, and I was really hoping for a good photo opportunity.  After sitting for a couple of hours I got this weird feeling that I was being watched.  I turned around and was shocked to see that a wolf had quietly walked up to within 20 feet behind me!  My heart was racing – I wasn’t sure if I should be excited or scared – I was some of both. 

Next, the wolf continued right up to the edge of the same bank I was looking from, maintaining the 20 foot distance between us.  He briefly looked out over the same riverbed that I had been watching then turned and walked away.  This was the only shot I had time to take.  At the time I only had a 300mm telephoto, and I was still so close that I only had room for a head shot!

I always had this funny feeling that the wolf was curious as to what I was looking at, and had to see for himself. I imagine he was a little disappointed to see an empty riverbed!  Truthfully, it probably took a quick look for any game and then moved on.  These little peeks into the lives of wild animals are always a thrill.

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