Wolves chasing a Grizzly

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Wolf and Bear Chase

The den for the Grant Creek wolf pack has been in a closed area fairly near the Denali National Park road.  Because of this, this stretch of road can be very popular with the visitors and tour buses.  We were there one day when out of no where a grizzly came charging down the road running in and out of the buses.  Janine speculated that maybe the wolves were on to him for being too close to the den.  Sure enough, a minute later came three member of the pack charging down between the same buses.  They followed the grizzlies scent out to the riverbed where they caught up to the small adult bear and the chase was on! 

It was something to see.  When the bear got tired and tried to rest, the wolves would circle it.  The chase continued on up the mountain across from our spot – we could watch with binoculars.  As the bear and three wolves charged up the hill, I could see that they were going to crest a small ridge and right into a Grizzly sow and cub.  I had no idea what would happen next.

When the pursuit crested the ridge, the wolves saw the cub and changed gears and chased it.  The cub was a decent size and appeared to be able to out run the tired wolves.  They disappeared into a big draw, then a short time later only the wolves reappeared.  I assumed the cub escaped.  Now the wolves returned to the Sow and the original grizzly and circled them.  It was interesting to see the two bears actually sit back to back and helped defend each other.  The wolves finally had enough and eventually returned down the hill to the den.  I think a couple of grizzlies got the very clear message that they weren’t welcomed in this neighborhood!

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