Wood Ducks

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Wood Ducks

I have been trying to capture photos of these colorful guys in colorful reflections – I love bright colors, but this might be color overload! 

This was shot right at the last light of day yesterday.  You might think the water is orange from a sunset sky.  Actually, the warm sunlight was illuminating the bark on the palm trees lining the shoreline of a nearby island.  I got down low, close to the water, to increase the area of the reflected glow on the water created from these warmly illuminated palm trees.  I then waited for a wood duck to swim through the colorful water.  I needed to use flash to light the duck as he was actually in the shade.

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  1. glad you got your shot Ron. when i was doing one of my cross-country trips, i took what I considered to be my best shot of the trip near the end and after that I felt strangely relaxed, like I didn’t care anymore if I got anymore good pictures or not.

  2. i drew a picture of a duck with bright orange water but my dad said it was ugly.

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