Woody Harrelson

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Woody Harrelson

Woody Harrelson

I have been in Vegas the last couple of days – I have a film permit to shoot video and 3D video.  Well yesterday we ran across a major film production, filming the movie Now You See Me.  It stars a lot of famous people and according to some reports will be one of the most anticipated movies of 2013.

Watching the production was fascinating – a very slow moving, carefully planned but well conceived creative process.  Nothing is by accident – a casual cocktail waitress briefly passing in front of the actors for example is discussed, modified and practiced before actually filming a number of takes.  Every little detail is scrutinized down to the placement of lights – guys were crawling on the floor at one point identifying distracting light reflections off the shiny floor.   The production had taken over a large portion of the Aria Hotel and Casino.

One of the highlights was seeing Woody Harrelson.   I have enjoyed his acting going back to the days of Cheers – but that isn’t why it was a highlight.  What I thought was awesome was how he took the time to  greet many of the extras on the set – there were around a hundred!  Then he went around and shook hands with the young production assistants who were basically standing off in the distance doing crowd control – class act!

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