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Rick, Debbie, Arnold, Genevieve, Samantha and me.
Rick, Debbie, Arnold, Genevieve, Samantha and me.

This is the second photo workshop group.  I suppose the warm jackets, rain shells and umbrellas give you some insight on our weather.  In a word, it was terrible!  Lots of dark gray weather in which we never saw the sun.  Sunday was even worse, it rained non-stop from sunrise to the end of the tour – that hardly ever happens out here in the desert!

This weather could have been a disaster, but fortunately, I was accompanied by a wonderful group of passionate photographers who never let the weather effect them.  I never heard a single complaint!   They got wet, dirty and muddy but everyone just kept going – they were awesome!   We spent some time inside working with Photoshop, but spent most of the time outside as we talked and worked on compositions, exposure and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Dealing with weather is just part of being an outdoor photographer, but this was such a great group that I felt like they “deserved” some great light, even if it was just a sunrise.  But, I know it doesn’t work that way.  Fortunately, they brought their own light thanks to their great attitudes, and I sure enjoyed spending time with everyone.

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  1. To top it off, Genevieve and I drove back to San Diego through a snow storm! Thank you for a great workshop Ron–your tips for composition were great and it was wonderful that you had done the scouting for the best locations for us to take photographs so we could just show up and put our tripods in place.

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    Thanks a lot Samantha!

    As the clouds lifted a bit last night I was surprised at how low the snow level was on the surrounding mountain, and was concerned you guys may have hit snow. I’m so glad you made it how safely! Yesterday’s high temperature was over 20 degrees below the average high!

    Thanks again,


  3. Nice meeting you Ron, too bad we didn’t have more time. I found a few nice macro images up Coyote Canyon in between showers. There was also some nice evening light on the dry lake. Probably going to move on to Joshua Tree today after posting some new work, I’m getting a bit restless waiting for small flower fields that may or may not put on a show.

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    Hi Alan,

    Sorry we didn’t get a chance to visit, hopefully next time!

    Last night had some nice clouds – I almost tried to race down to the dry lake. I understand your restlessness on waiting for the wildflowers! The forecast is for more well below average temperatures for this upcoming week, so I don’t see much changing in the near future. We are heading out to Arizona. Have fun in Joshua Tree!


  5. Great picture Ron! At least it was rainy and cold in Seattle yesterday too 🙂
    Thanks for a wonderful workshop where Samantha and I both learned a lot. The Photoshop demo was very helpful too and as you said, I’m sure it will save us a lot of time when we start using it. I got some great lupine and barrel cactus shots this weekend.

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    Hey thanks Genevieve, I’m glad you enjoyed it and good to hear you got some great shots! It was really nice to meet you and your sister!


  7. Whenever I’m out shooting in bad weather it feels like I’m really “earning” my photos. Glad that it worked out for you Ron.

    That agave behind your leg looks like an amazing photo op.

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    I agree Richard on earning your images in bad weather.

    Those agave are wonderful photo opps – I could spend some time just working one of them. Actually we stopped at this spot because there were a couple of blooming ones just out of sight of the photo – and nearby was the amazing barrel cactus in my Saturday post.



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