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From Left to right is myself, next to me is Greg, in front of him is Bryant, then Bret, Bob and Ramon.

A great group! This is at the entrance to an interesting slot canyon. From Left to right is myself, next to me is Greg, in front of him is Bryant, then Bret, Bob and Ramone.

As you may know, last weekend was the first of two sold out photo workshops I’m leading in Anza-Borrego desert State Park.  I gotta admit, when Saturday morning delivered hard wind and heavy rain, I was in a bit of a panic!  Well fortunately the group was a hardy bunch of passionate photographers who never once complained about the cold, wind or rain, and you know what, we were rewarded with some of the most unique conditions I have seen here.  We had god beams, rainbows, fascinating clouds and wonderful defused light, it could hardly have been better!  Then Sunday we had calm wind and sun, the best of both worlds.

We spent a long time in my favorite trail-less mountain canyons where the blooming barrel cactus might have been the highlight of numerous cool subjects.  We also spent time in some small fields of desert wildflowers, visited a dry lake bed with killer mud pattens, visited a dramatic badlands viewpoint and hiked a slot canyon – I can’t believe we covered that much ground in one afternoon and morning.

Anyway, I couldn’t have asked for 5 nicer guys and if they had as much fun as I did then the workshop was a success – I had a blast and wasn’t even photographing!  Thanks guys!

Greg Lato

I did grab a couple of shots of the guys in the field.  Here is one of Greg Lato.  We didn’t see the full moon I was anticipating, but sure had some dramatic skies!

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  1. I was wondering about how the weather was for you over the weekend. It was mixed all over Southern Cal this weekend, one minute warm and sunny, raining hard the next. Glad the workshop was such a success, but I’m not surprised given how well you know A-B you could be productive with your group in any weather.

  2. Looks like a great experience! I’ll definitely make it to one sooner or later. I’m personally hoping it’s much sooner.

  3. I am so happy it worked out for your workshop and group! Sweet images too! As to read your adventures, helpful tips, and ofcourse images!!

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  6. Nice capture Ron…finally getting back around to photos from the trip. That image of me on the edge doesn’t quite have the drama of what it’s like to look down from that spot! 🙂

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    Thanks Greg. No, it doesn’t appear as high or steep as it really is. I do like how you are leaning into the wind!


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