Wrightwood, California

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The Yoddler in "downtown" Wrightwood, California.

The Yodeler in "downtown" Wrightwood, California.

I just read that the cute little town of Wrightwood in the mountains near Los Angeles just received another 2 to 3 feet of snow!  That reminded me that I never got a chance to post my photos of the snow storm we experienced there on this trip in mid February.  This is the front porch of a little bar in town that sells great pizzas!

This year of the strange winter only continues – as strange as is was to see Southern California receive more snow then our wet coastal town back in Alaska during February – it is even more strange at the end of March!  Pictures I have seen from back home show almost no snow, and yet Southern California and even parts of Arizona are receiving heavy snow right now!

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  1. Howdy Ron. Haven’t visited in awhile and enjoyed catching up. You have certainly captured some great stuff as always. Safe Travels.

  2. Super cute. Bet they don’t usually get snow very often on those picnic tables. Wierd how the trees in the background don’t have any visible snow on them.

  3. Post

    Thanks Dennis – I will.

    Thanks Ken!

    Thanks Sunny – I know, now I need a nice weather photo of those tables. It was fairly windy which is why the snow wasn’t really sticking to the trees.

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