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Yesterday afternoon we arrived at one of my favorite National Parks – Zion!

I usually don’t photograph from such common vantage points, but with out much time to scout, I thought what the heck, jumped on my bike and we road up to the “bridge”  An older fall image from this same location has sold really well, so it doesn’t hurt to have a Spring version.

Here are more Zion National Park photos.

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  1. I took the same photo 2 weeks ago from the bridge. It would have been funny had we run into each other!

  2. No way! I took almost exactly the same photo there too! Just several days ago. We could establish a club, ha, ha.

  3. So much for originality. I have one of these in my collection too. I think I took it about two years ago. I went there with my brother. Amazing place, I keep coming back there. My picture has a little more light on the peak though. I like mine better.

  4. Really nice picture. The subtle colors are great. It is nice to see a photo that isn’t HDR’d to death, like a lot of people do lately. Have you photographed the Kolob Arch area?

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    LOL – I think a lot of people have this scene!

    Andy, I haven’t been to Kolob Arch – need to read about it. I used a graduated neutral density filter here – I would rather use the filter then HDR whenever possible.

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