Zion Adventure Guide

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Zion Adventure Guide

Zion Adventure Guide

We haven’t had any cool covers to share lately, but this one is!  This was produced by the Zion Natural History Association.

You might recognize Janine out front trying to look relaxed (it was a long ways down) on the amazing Hidden Canyon Trail.  Parts of this trail are literally carved into the side of the cliffs with just a chain bolted to the wall for support – notice the four people in the background.  It is pretty cool the Park Service even allows a trail like this.

But Zion has lots of awesome trails like this.  The Angel’s Landing Trail climbs way above the valley floor and then traverses along a narrow, very exposed ridge, with again, just a chain for protection.  Or the Zion Narrows hike which leads up a narrow canyon with 1,500 foot high walls and just enough room in the bottom for a river.  The Subway is another amazing hike – after flipping through this book I’m thinking we might just have to add Zion into our Fall travels!

This looks like a great book – lots of photos, maps and charts to go along with the wealth of information.  I don’t see it on  Amazon have a feeling this book is only available in the Zion National Park Visitor Center, but it is definitely worth picking up.

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  2. Beautiful cover! Angel Landing is one of our favorite trails in the world! At least the part we have so far explored. There are photos waiting for your taking in Cappadocia, Turkey. An amazing experience for us last fall.
    We are so awed by your photos, Ron.

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  4. We have our first trip to Zion planned for this fall; I’ll be sure to pick up a copy of the book. Would be cool to run into you there!

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    @ Scott I usually carry a small pack with a camera, one or two lenses and a few filters and my tripod – I don’t carry my whole camera bag. I even dragged my tripod up to Angel’s Landing as it was a full moon and I thought about doing some night shots – until I saw how steep the trail was, I didn’t want to it in the dark!

    @ Ben – That would be cool! I’m thinking we may go there.

    @ Carl Welcome back and thanks! I haven’t heard that song that I can remember – need to look it up.

  6. It is an excellent design for the Zion adventure guide. It is very simple and the background picture is tempting. I’m sure by just the cover alone adventurers will be convinced that the National Park is worth a visit.

  7. I was interested to see this book featured here. Congratulations on a beautiful cover!
    I am an employee of (non-profit) Zion Natural History Association, the publisher of this guide. Just thought I would drop in a quick plug to say the book is available at http://www.zionpark.org. Hope you can visit Zion again soon!

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    Thanks Tracy, and thanks for the link so that people can purchase the book in advance of their visit. It really is an excellent guide book that I would highly recommend to anyone planning a visit to Zion.

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