Zion National Park, Utah

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Zion National Park, Utah

Zion National Park, Utah.

We drove to Zion yesterday.  When we arrived, we didn’t have much time before sunset, so I thought we would take a quick scouting trip to get a lay of the land.  We got really lucky – I stopped at a random little pull-out and started hiking into some side canyon and stumbled into this wonderful patch of color!  It was just out of view from the road.  Then we got even luckier and found a half dozen Desert Big Horn!  That may be tomorrows post. 

Funny, sometimes I can scout all day and have trouble finding a nice location, and then a day like today comes along and I stumbled upon a pretty setting in minutes!  I suppose it all evens out – no doubt it helps to be in a amazing place like Zion.

I like the warm glow that comes from the reflected light of the red canyon walls, but that doesn’t provide much light to shoot by.  Adding a polarizer to remove the glare from the leaves reduced the amount of light a few more stops.  I was very fortunate to have dead calm air as this ended up being a 10 second exposure.

Here are more Zion National Park photos.

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  1. Looks like great color Ron. Mount Carmel Highway turns faster than the canyon because it’s higher up. Once the sun has dipped below the canyon walls I find that it’s hard to accurately color balance the foliage because the light reflection from the walls makes it weird colors you woudn’t find elsewhere. This magenta color starts to creep in.

  2. Post

    Hi Richard,

    Thanks for the tip. This was from a spot out east along the Mount Carmel Highway.

    Yeah, because I’m doing a quick adjustment on a laptop, I’m probably not even seeing the magenta color cast. I imagine it will be more evident when I get home.



  3. Hey Ron

    This is the kind of image I find inevitably requires a lot of processing to get it right .. never manage to get there, so I delete them. It looks OK here .. there’s such a swathe of color it’s hard to tell what’s “right” and what’s not.



  4. Wow! Your images are beautiful! What amazing colors!! We had snow this morning in the yard…those warm canyons look pretty inviting right about now. We miss you guys up here. Safe travels, bro!

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    Thanks Carl – I’m interested to see it on a calibrated monitor. This laptop is usually pretty accurate, but maybe it is off.

    Hey Tawny, good to hear from you sis! If you think the colors look inviting, you should feel the temperatures! I understand Seward got snow as well, but it didn’t stick around long. Hopefully some will be sticking by the time we get home.



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