2011 Alaska Bear and Puffin Photo Tour

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Well I now have finalized my dates for next summers Alaska Bear and Puffin Photo Tour.  This past summer’s tour was a blast, and I have had a lot of requests for next year, so we have more then doubled our offering for next year.  We have already received several bookings for next years tour.

Here is a little video I made from this summers tour to give people a bit of an idea on what the photo tour is all about.  This is one of the reasons I purchased a Canon Rebel T2i.  This was my first attempt at putting together a video – I gotta admit, the learning curve is very steep!

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  1. You’re so making me want to return next summer! I’m hoping to come back in 2 years and possibly do the bear tour with you. There’s nothing I enjoy more than returning to a “once in a lifetime” place. Julie just mentioned last night that Mike made the best grilled cheese sandwich she ever had. I didn’t know it was possible to make the “best” grilled cheese, but she was very impressed!

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    Hey Scott – that would be a lot of fun to have you and Julie on another trip in a couple of years – you would like this one, although I can’t promise grilled cheese as good as Captain Mike’s – those were good!

    Thanks Dennis!

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  6. I loved the way you captured the interaction between the playful cub and its mama…that is, when I was finally able to watch the video on my OWN cell phone. Your video came on just as my dermatologist walked in the room. (Everyone should see their skin doctor after spending 2-weeks in California, right?) Each summer, for decades, he travels to Alaska to photograph and refresh his soul. When I told him what I was looking at, he took my cell, sat down and oooohed over your images. I was seriously concerned that he was going to leave me draped in nothing but a flimsy paper sheet then and there while he bolted out the door, stole my still packed SUV, and headed for the far north! Great job!!! I hope your next tour is VERY successful.

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    Thanks Richard.

    Hi Julie – you “painted” a hilarious picture, thanks for sharing! That is cool that the video would play on your cell phone, I will have to see how it looks on my Itouch. I a dermatologist signs up for my tour, I will know who to thanks! Thanks again!


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