A Place Few Have Stood

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Exit Creek

This photo near Exit Glacier brings back fond memories, as it was about our only sunny day so far this summer.  I usually avoid photographing in this bright, somewhat harsh light, but it was looking great to me!

 As a buddy and I stood here it dawned on me that few people have ever stood on this spot.  It isn’t because it is some remote, hard to reach location – it is probably less then a two mile hike with maybe a couple of angle deep glacier stream crossings. 

So what makes me think few have ever stood here?  Well up until just a few years ago, this spot was completely covered by Exit Glacier.  It has probably been under thick ice for hundreds of years if not more. 

The foreground looks like a completely lifeless environment, but there were a couple of places where tiny bits of plant life was already beginning to grow.  It has been interesting to see the transition of this area over the years, although I would hate to lose the glacier!

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    Yeah that stream was really roaring!

    It was pretty easy to get to – a bit of scrambling, but nothing too steep or dangerous.


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  3. What an awesome pic & story to go with it! Keep up the great work. Stay safe, you & Janine.

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  5. It has probably been covered for eons. Scary to see that the glacier has withdrawn that much. That realization must have raised the hair on the back of your neck. Thanks for sharing.

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