Alaska Photo Tour – whales, eagles, bears and glaciers!

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    Photos all from Kenai Fjords National Park and / or Seward, Alaska.

Photos all from Kenai Fjords National Park and / or Seward, Alaska.

Imagine waking up anchored in front of an amazing tide water glacier – a glacier you watched and heard calve large ice bergs through out the night!   Off to the side is a beach where we often see bears walking to and from the nearby salmon stream.  Passing by us is the occasional harbor seal or bald eagle.  And, all this is surrounded by magnificent mountains.    And, this is just one morning of an amazing 3 day trip!

At other times during this trip we spent hours hanging out with whales – we did that on numerous occasions.  Or, we spent time with sea otters or at sea lion haul outs.  At one point we spent time at an island full of nesting puffin and numerous other sea birds.  We stuck the bow under a water fall that plummeted hundreds of feet down a granite cliff straight into the ocean.   Another night was spent in  spectacular Northwestern Fjord.

I could go on and on as this is really an amazing trip.  Did I mention the nesting bald eagles, the other active glaciers, waterfalls and amazing scenery?

I offer the only overnight photo tour into KFNP where you are accompanied by a professional photographer who can offer tips and suggestions and will make sure we are at the best places for the best light.  Not only this but I am the least expensive overnight option available.

To learn more, check out this page: Kenai Fjords Alaska photo tour scroll to the bottom to see more photos from the trip and of the research vessel I use.  You can feel free to contact us with further questions.  If you would like to see more photos of the place the Travel Channel named one of the 10 natural wonders of the world, here are more photos:  Kenai Fjords National Park photos.

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