Alaska Photo Tours and COVID 19

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A cardinal last night at the Desert Photo Retreat, near Tucson, Arizona.
A cardinal last night at the Desert Photo Retreat, near Tucson, Arizona.

I have been quiet lately, and a lot of people are wondering what is up with Alaska Photo Tours.  Normally by now, our 2021 trips would almost be full.  This year, with all the uncertainty, we haven’t even announced trips yet except to folks who had a specific interest in a trip.  We will probably announce trips soon irregardless of what is happening, so stayed tuned.

How about 2020?  As we have told our guests, we are still hopeful the trips will still happen.  However, if trips are cancelled, we have let everyone know they will receive a full refund (less cc fees if you didn’t pay with a check).  Or, if they prefer, would be able to transfer to next summer irregardless of any price increases, giving effectively more than a 100% refund.   So far our guests have been very understanding, most saying in the case of cancellation they would come back the next year!

The Desert Photo Retreat is still open, and actually a great place to social distance.  That said, most folks have opted to cancel their visits and we completely understand.  I may be doing a lot of my own photography this month!

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  1. I certainly enjoy your photos and travels !
    It seems only last week you walked into the Tug office and asked what I thought of leaving the financial world and on to Photography.
    Keep on enjoying life!!
    Sharon E Anderson

    The Cardinal is breathtaking.

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