Alaska Shorebird Migration

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Monday morning will be the beginning of 5 fun weeks of travel for me!  It will start co-guiding a trip across Prince William Sound for a week, and then 4 days in Cordova for the amazing shorebird migration you see pictured above.  Not only will we be seeing shorebirds on the delta, but there are many other things planned including a flight to Kayak Island, a place I have always wanted to see.

I’m excited for a few reasons – first, I’ll be working with 3 good friends and fellow staff members from last winters trip to Antarctica.  It is an unexpected treat to be hired to work with these great guys  again so soon.

Second, the shorebird migration is really an amazing thing to see.  At times there are literally tens of thousands of birds at one time passing through the area in thick flocks.

Third – it is going to be a treat to spend a week in Prince William Sound aboard a beautiful boat like the M/V Discovery.  I love the Sound – and as many times as I have been there, I have never seen it in May – it should look very different with all the snow still on the ground.

So after Friday, it might be a couple of weeks until I have the time and internet connection to post again – hopefully I’ll have some interesting bird images to share then!

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