Arizona Travel Guide Cover

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Arizona Travel Guide Cover

I thought I would share our most recent cover – this just arrived in the mail.  Not only is it fun to have a cover, but this Explorer’s Guide to Arizona looks like a great guide – it could come in very handy this winter.  We are planning to spend some time in this warm state this winter.

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  1. Great cover shot! Yes, covers are always fun! I met the author of this book, Christine Maxa about 4 years ago on a press trip to San Diego. She is a neat gal. She has authored numerous AZ travel books.

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  3. Congrats on another cover Ron. Maybe when I start getting some, (or when Alamy tells us where to find them) then I’ll start posting my own, lol.

    btw, in which part of Arizona is warm in the winter? I’ve been to Flagstaff in the winter and it is anything but warm. brrrr….

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    Hi Richard,

    Yeah, I wished Alamy would say to who.

    South of Sedona – basically Phoenix area south is fairly warm during the winter – especially coming from Alaska! Flagstaff is pretty high, and can be very cold.


  5. Hi Ron,

    Yes, the Phoenix area can be warm in winter. I’ve lived here in Phoenix for 10 years after growing up in the Boston area. Big difference! Love it here. Hope you enjoy your trip here. Look me up if you need a tour guide.


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    Hi Perry,

    I get that is a big difference! I look forward to spending some more time there this winter – nice change of pace from Alaska’s winter.


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