Barrel Cactus

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It was actually raining fairly hard when I took this photo of barrel cactus in Anza-Borrego – I think the moisture helped with the saturation.  I plan on returning to this spot again in the weeks to come, I would love to catch it at sunrise, with blooms etc.  Captured with a Canon tilt / shift lens.

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  1. Nicely composed Ron, this is killer. I have been around these things before, need to be careful where you walk as it seems there are leftover spines all over.

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  3. that is cool what you did w/ the sky Ron. the storm was rolling in last night as I was shooting the sunset at JTNP so I didnt stay the night.

    those spines are crazy. I have had spines get lodged inside the bottom of my shoes before. you’re probably still pulling them out of your calf.

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    Thanks Richard,

    Did you get anything at JTNP? I keep checking your blog for updates – I will check back.

    Those barbs can be nasty, I can’t imagine having one in my shoe!

  5. yeah there were lots of poppies and lupine along with other stuff I hadn’t seen before. mainly from I-10 to the Cottonwood entrance. nothing beyond there. I wouldn’t say there are carpets of flowers to the horizon but where there are flowers they are very nice. i havn’t been able to update my blog because i’m waiting for my computer to get delivered. should arrive tomorrow.

    might be worth a trip if you’ve got a day or two to spare.

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  7. looking at the desertusa site, looks like I missed out on Amboy.

    i should mention that for the S. JTNP landscapes that I found it kinda difficult to get clear scenic shots out to the horizon like those in Henderson Cnyn because there is a lot of trees, shrubbery and other stuff dotting the landscape.

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    Yeah I suggested Amboy – it is sure looking nice right now, at least from what they show on DUSA. It is interesting how certain areas are so good, while others are nothing.

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