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    I know what you mean Jeni Girl!

    Thanks John! This was a 3 stop hard edge, but I was hand holding it, so the movement tends to soften the transition. This was 1/15 of a second at f/16 as ISO 100 – 24-105 at 55.


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  3. WOW. You really travel in style Ron staying at that nice resort. I’m more the “sleep in the back of the truck with a Rottweiler kind of guy”. Next time, instead of using a 3-stop hard edge for that shot, use a sand wedge – you will stop the ball right next to the pin…kidding.

    Hope you are having a great trip.


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    Hi Michael. Yeah it is nice to be staying in a trailer, although I still do plenty of car camping / backpacking etc. For long trips, the trailer is nice. Thanks.

    Thanks Salma!

  5. that green grass definitely warms up! 😀
    i really like your photos.
    it’s nice to have a piece of USA down here, on my computer! 😀
    hope you’ll share some more of that Californian sun:)

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