Busted Plans

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Thick clouds yesterday morning gave me hope for a dramatic sunrise sky, or at least some dramatic light.  I sat in the dark trying to make out Mark and Brian through the static on the radio and waited, but the great light never developed.  The cool, dark light did seem appropriate for this Agave which I did photograph.

That’s ok, because I had planned for days for last nights eclipse.  I scouted many places – my first choice was the Pumpkin Patch with the pumpkins lite by flash light – that seemed cool, almost lunar like.  I had the time and direction recorded thanks to my GPS and a compass.  I had even tracked the moon arch through my view finder to see what focal length I would need to capture multiple exposures during the entire eclipse (35mm by the way).  But, unfortunately this evening brought wind and blowing sand, clouds and even a little rain. 

 It seems like most extended trips are that way.  I will scratch and claw for a few images, and then all of a sudden a day will come along where everything comes together and I get a bunch of images.  I guess the old 80/20 rule holds true even for photography.

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  1. that’s too bad that you missed the eclipse last night Ron. I was watching the Lakers game downtown last night and caught the eclipse. cleared out just in time.

  2. You have a great attitude! Sometimes the best laid plans don’t “Pan” out. But, when everything lines up, you will be making up for lost time.

    Don’t feel bad – I missed the eclipse last night too! Jeff got to see it, but said it wasn’t all that great.

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