Seward Visitor Guide

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Seward Visitor Guide

I promise, this is the last of the new covers!  It had been a couple of months since I posted a cover photo on the blog, so I did have some catching up to do. 

This is current year’s Seward Chamber of Commerce Visitor Guide for Seward, Alaska.  The Chamber was one of my very first customers many years ago, and their cover is one I’m always proud to be a part of!

Humpback Whale in Seward, Alaska

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Humpback Whale in Seward

Seward residents have been treated to a visiting Humpback Whale for the past week.  This isn’t one of those whales you can barely see looking South out the bay.  No, this whale has been coming right up to the head of the bay and swimming close to town, and even near the cruiseship dock!  We have seen it on four different days this week from our office – whale watching is sure a nice break from key-wording!  Yesterday there was a pretty big crowd of cars and locals watching.  I think it is pretty cool to see people stopping and still getting excited about a whale swimming by considering most residents of Seward have probably seen a lot of whales over the years.Read More