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California Poppies.

O my gosh, these hills are amazing!  These incredible hills are a result of the San Diego wildfires this past fall.  The burnt hills around San Diego are very colorful right now, and will probably get better in the days and weeks to come.  I was fortunate enough to visit the Antelope Valley Poppy Preserve in 2003 which was a peak year – frankly, these are better, partly because of the shear numbers of poppies, but in addition, these hills are much more photogenic full of rocks and other cool subject matter.

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Key-wording Woes

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Imperial Beach Pier, California

This dark, gloomy photo of the Imperial Beach Pier kind of summed up my mood when I realized I some how lost the extended keywords to about 400 images!  Key-wording is about the only aspect of being a photographer that I don’t really like.  I now discovered something worse; re-key-wording the same images!  LOL.  O well.