Whistler Village

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Whistler Village, British Columbia, Canada.

Whistler Village, British Columbia, Canada.

One of the great things about Whistler is the lack of automobiles.  The stores and restaurants in town don’t face the roads, but instead, they front a large network of walkways known as the Whistler Stroll.  That coupled with a convenient bus service make having a car not only unnecessary, but almost a liability.  We were sure glad we hadn’t rented one!

The gondolas leading up either Whistler or Blackcomb mountain are found at the end of this walkway, so even if you are skiing or downhill biking, you can still walk from most hotels.

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Butchart Gardens

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Butchart Gardens, Victoria, Canada.

Butchart Gardens, Victoria, Canada.

Well, saying how much I loved a flower garden isn’t going to do anything to improve the macho, tough guy image I have worked so hard to create (joking), but this place was gorgeous!  I think you could be blind folded, and  still could come away with beautiful images, because literally every inch of extensive grounds at Butchart Gardens is perfectly manicured with wonderful, colorful flowers.  Here are more Victoria photos.

The Sunken Garden, Butchart-Gardens, Victoria.

The Sunken Garden, Butchart Gardens, Victoria.

Whistler Sunset

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Sunset over Whistler, Canada.

Sunset over Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.

These beautiful clouds and thunderstorm pretty much appeared out of nowhere at the end of a hot day in Whistler.  This is at the base of Whistler Mountain – you can see some of the Bike Park.  The top of the mountain you see here is the 1/3 point on the ride to the top!  Blackcomb is equally as tall, and rises to the left of this view.

Usually the blog is pretty close to real time – but I have fallen behind a bit.  We actually returned to Alaska yesterday, but I will keep sharing more photos from this trip.

Having only one full day (two nights) in both Whistler and Victoria was not near enough time.  Unfortunately, it would have cost us a bunch more of our valuable  free miles to return after Tuesday – so we did our best to cram it all in.

I’m hoping these summer images will be a good compliment to our winter Whistler photos.

Peak to Peak Gondola

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The Peak to Peak (acutally called Peak 2 Peak) trams runs between the tops of Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains.

The Peak to Peak (actually called Peak 2 Peak) trams runs between the tops of Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains.

This was an amazing ride!  We had to do it, although Janine had to take a big step given her fear of heights!

So check out these stats – all world records by the way:

  • Largest unsupported free span in the world – 1.88 miles.
  • Highest lift in the world of its kind –  1,361 feet.
  • It is also the longest continuous lift in the world – total distance traveled is 2.73 miles.

And in case that wasn’t enough excitement, they even put a glass floor in a few of the cars!

Here are some more interesting facts.  The total ride lasts 11 minutes.  There are 28 cars, each can carry up to 28 passengers, that means the thing can move 4,100 passengers per hour.

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Mountain Biking Whistler

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Mountain biker on the Bike Park, Whistler, Canada.

Mountain biker launches of a ledge on one of the intermediate trails in the Bike Park, Whistler, Canada.

We were surprised to see that Whistler is just as busy in the summer as it is in the winter.  You can still ski and snowboard high up on the glacier.  In addition, you can raft, kayak, golf, zip-line, bungee jump, ride alpine slides…

But the big activity is downhill mountain biking.  They have an elaborate set of trails on the mountain complete with ramps, jumps and a whole bunch of other challenges.  Riders wear “body armor” and full face helmets and ride mountain bikes that appear to have suspensions similar to motorcycles!

We only had one day and two nights – it was tough not having the time to “play”!

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