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  1. It looks like you have had several magazine or brochure covers the last few months. That should help with the income. I have sold several photos through sub stock agencies,(the ones you earn pennies at) and some enlargements from people looking at my albums. I will need to get with the real stock agencies if I want to earn something. But then this is a hobby for me not my sole income. Thanks for barring with me

  2. That is just the coolest cover. And the last one was awesome,too! I bet you are getting rocking rich!!!You do have a gift with knowing what’s going to be the bomb!!!Perfect work.Be proud of yourself.You deserve it.

  3. Hey Ron,

    Awesome to see you getting such great sales. Keep it up, man. If you get next year’s milepost though, I know you’re scamming the system somehow. 🙂 Good for you.



  4. Post

    Thanks everyone! Great to hear from Australia Noella!

    Yeah Dennis, I think you will get a lot more mileage out of a real agency then one of those penny places.

    You know Beth, I don’t know if we are getting rich – but I often tell people, if we won the lottery, this is what would be doing, so I guess in a way we are rich!


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