Common Redpoll

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Common Redpoll
Common Redpoll

These Redpolls are everywhere right now, and they are fearless.  In fact, they start landing and feeding on our feeder before I can even get it hung back up!

The sun was just coming up directly behind the Redpoll.  I added a flash at about a 45 degree angle to the left of the bird.  I think using flash not only fills in the shadows, but can really help in bring out the colors in a subject like this.  I also prefer having the flash off of the camera if possilbe.  On camera flash is better then no flash, but it tends to be a bit of a flat light in my opinion.
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    Thanks Dennis!

    Thank you Roberta – I’m surprised those things survived the winter – usually the are crushed with snow.


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  3. Hey Ron,

    This is really well done – the flash is spot on, the perch perfect and the background just gorgeous. Really great photo buddy.



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  7. A word of caution: These birds are quite susceptible to salmonella commonly found in dirty feeding areas and dirty birdfeeders. I learned this by not cleaning the feeder one winter and found five dead redpolls nearby. They were sent to the state to determine what had killed them and it was salmonella. So now, I make an easy feeder from a plastic water jug and can change it every month.

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