Converting, Adjusting and Key-wording

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Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, California

We have just finished converting, adjusting and key wording a little over 450 new pictures from our last trip.  It always feels good to have that completed, now we can start adding them to our photo website, and sending them off to our agencies and marketing outlets.  And that means we can start thinking about our next trip!

Digital cameras can capture nice colorful images right out of the camera if you shoot in jpeg mode.  But for maximum size, color depth and overall quality, I only shoot in raw mode.  Unfortunately raw files need to then be converted to a usable format such as tif.  In addition, raw files tend to be dull and lifeless, thus they typically need some additional work in Photoshop just to get them to appear as they would if I had shot them as a jpeg.  This takes time, but it is important to have the highest quality image possible.

This photo was a sunrise from our travels in Anza-Borrego State Park, California last February.  This was the second best sunrise from the entire trip – great location for a sunrise!

We have now updated our gallery of Anza-Borrego State Park photos along with a larger version of the above photo.

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  1. Now this is one stunning image Ron!
    Looks like there is some wonderful depth to this piece, and the colors …. especially the lighting is superb.

    And, … why did you have to mention “key-wording”?
    I hate key-wording!! : )

  2. We have been at this same state park and quite possibly stood on the exact same ground as you when this photo was taken. Just an outstanding area for photos. We will be going back in late February 2008. We photograph for pure pleasure but it is great to see a pro doing the same areas we have done!

  3. Post

    Thanks George!

    This is a great State Park, especially in February! I think we may be back late February 2008 – hopefully it will be a good wildflower year.

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