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Janine's article in this months Country Extra!

Janine's article in this months Country Extra!


Janine's article in this months Country Extra!

Janine's article in this months Country Extra!

We both work equally hard on our photography business, but as the photographer, I get most of the recognition.  So, that is why I’m so excited to share Janine’s first published article in the current month of Country Extra!

Country had contacted us awhile back looking for whale photos for an upcoming article and asked if we would be interested in writing it.  From the early days of my career, the advice I heard over and over is the best way to get your photos published was to write articles.  Problem was, I don’t really enjoy writing and I’m not all that good at it – I’m sure the two are related.  This blog is about my limit.  🙂  But, Janine has had an interest in writing, and with the intent of creating articles she took a college writing class a few years ago.  But, we are so busy keeping up with day to day operations, it seems there isn’t time for such activity, that is until a good client like Country floats the idea out there!  Well, now that I have made a short story long – told you I’m not much of a writer – we jumped on the opportunity!

So above are a couple of images of the article.  I still remember the thrill of having my first images published and now can share that thrill with Janine as her first words are now published!


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  1. Really well done Janine!
    Where do we get a hold of Country extra so we (ok, I ) can enjoy both of the Niebrugge’s work! Serously, would like to get one.
    Really well done!

  2. Awesome! I remember when the first set of Everett AquaSox baseball cards were printed with the action pictures I shot…I understand the thrill you must be feeling. Congratulations Janine!

  3. Thank you everyone! Michael you can order single issues at:

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  5. What a thrill for both of you! Congratulations! I look forward to reading and viewing the entire article. Its so exciting to have such talent in our home town. What a blessing to work together in such ventures!

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    Thanks again!

    Geoff, you can order it here: I don’t think they sell them in stores.

  7. Thank you very much indeed Janine for providing us your impressive article.
    Mrs. Dr. KeLu Zhang

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