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Down powerlines Julian, California.

Down power lines in Julian, California.

I’m not a lineman or electrician, heck, I can struggle with on / off switches –  but I don’t think this meets code.  🙂

There are few places in the U.S. that have avoided winter storms this past week, but I don’t know if anyplace looked more unique then the upper Mojave desert.  I was there this weekend and there is still a good two feet of snow on the ground!  One person told me they received more snow last week, then they have in the last 18 years combined.

That much snow on the jumbo rocks and Joshua Trees was absolutely beautiful.  I snuck away from family activities Saturday evening for some sunset photography.  I had hoped to come away with a photo for today, but ended up getting my 4 wheel drive truck so buried in the snow that it took me a hour and a half just to dig it out!  By the time I was out, it was dark, and I was just happy to be driving. 

In the future when I drive down that narrow dusty dirt road in the heat of the desert, it will be hard to imagine anyone could ever get stuck in snow!

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  1. Wow you are lucky Ron. I got stuck once for twenty minutes in Rhode Island in a 2WD and had to dig w/ my hands to get it out. That was scary and I was located in a city!

    Some guys on NPN were on up there during the snow storm but they were booted from the park due to the snow. Their photos looked great tho.

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    Hi Warren – yeah, I had that exact same thought. That would have been fun!

    Hi Richard, I was lucky. I had thrown in a shovel just in case, and that saved the day.

    I had hoped to run up to Joshua Tree when the storm first hit, fortunately I called first and sure enough, the park was closed. That is too bad.


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