Cruise Ship Leaving Vancouver

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Carnival Cruise-Ship Carnival Spirt leaving Vancouver, Canada.

Carnival Cruise Ship Carnival Spirit leaving Vancouver, Canada.

It is only 6 months until Vancouver hosts Winter Olympics!  I understand they are going to bring in a couple of cruise ships to help meet the demand for lodging.

We rented a small boat and followed two cruise ships as the departed Vancouver and passed under the Lions Gate Bridge.  It was fun even though the light was only so so.

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  4. As one of the six people actually born and raised in Vancouver, it breaks my heart to see the putrefying of this once pretty little city. I am world travelled and am still smitten with natural splendor of Vancouver’s location. However, having lived in Europe for a time, I can honestly say that the city of Vancouver itself seems third world in many ways. Riding the skytrain at rush hour, all that’s missing are crates of live chickens. I never thought I’d leave this city but it’s just too damn sad to watch the degeneration. We can no longer afford to sleep in the peaceful apathy of our once Lotus Land.

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    Hi Lorrie,

    I can certainly understand where you are coming from! Many of these ships are heading to our little town of Seward before turning around and returning to Vancouver. I have seen plenty of changes here, but we are still a nice little town of 3,000 – I hope it stays that way!



  6. “Vancouverite Lorrie”
    I have a hard time even calling you that. It seems to me that anyone actually “born and raised” in Vancouver is very proud of that fact and would never refer to it as a “3rd world country”. It seems the “5” others of us really stick together. How arrogant you are. Seems Europe has really rubbed off on you. Live crates of chickens? Give me a break. Perhaps you should stay in Europe and leave the rest of us to enjoy this beautiful first class city.

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