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  1. This one looks more like a painting, than a photo, really! The mountains in the background look so rounded and edge free, with soft colors, while the one in the foreground looks more “real”. 🙂 An interesting division!

    This one is not over saturated! 😉

    We’ve had deers in our yard, the last couple of days, and that kind of wild life (in the city), made me think of your photos of all sorts of animals. 🙂 I’ll put them up on my blog, shortly!

  2. My first thought too, Renate. I’ve been visiting web sites of some of my favorite artists and it does look more like a painting. Beautiful!

  3. I have always loved “small in the landscape” wildlife work. This is really super Ron, and just works so well because of the color of the sheep.

  4. Hey Ron,

    The “small in the landscape” wildlife images (as Mark called it) can be so nice to view; especially printed large. A great big jpeg of this on your site would be killer.



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