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Dixie National Forest during Autumn, Utah.

Dixie National Forest during Autumn, Utah.

I loved the way the sunlight was moving through these colorful trees, it was some show!

After getting home from our last trip I thought I had lost this day.  Thank goodness I had downloaded a backup onto a portable hard drive.

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    Hi Richard,

    Fortunately my hard drive didn’t crash. I organize my photos in folder by day, and for some reason I lost this particular day. I think it was human error!


  3. Hey Ron,

    I can’t imagine losing one day’s worth of your shooting. That’s probably a few hundred grand worth of $$$.

    You rock, bro.



  4. Man, that’s pretty. I was driving through Crossville ,Tennesee yesterday & it was 8am. The trees wers stunning,colorful, and all of a sudden a doe jumps all the way across the road, with a big buck right behind her. Even though it happened fast, it was beautiful.

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    Thanks a lot everyone!

    Hey Carl – you mean a few hundred pennies! 🙂

    Beth, glad you were able to get stopped in time! Sounds like a cool experience!



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