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Desert Lily at sunrise this morning, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, California.

Desert Lily, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, California.

This was from sunrise this morning – these are the coolest desert flowers around!

I think recent cold weather has delayed the bloom a bit, it is warmer this week and I hope that spurs more blooming by the weekend.  Brittlebush for example is almost always in bloom by now, but not this year.  But, like fall colors, thing can seemingly change overnight.

Unfortunately, some of the famous roadside fields like the ones along Henderson Canyon Road have been taken over with mustard.  I’m doing a lot of scouting this week and have found some nice little areas, but the windshield drive by flower viewer might be disappointed by this years show despite all the rain – we will know soon!

By the way, I received a nice mention by being included on this list of 50 amazing nature photography blogs.

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  1. I too am seeing mustard leading the way, and wonder if it will overrun everything this year. I agree with you on the desert lily, my favorite desert flower.

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  3. Such a cool flower and a very nice photo of it. Last year I found a bunch of these over at the far west end of Henderson Canyon Rd, Galleta Meadows I think.

  4. Hi Ron: I worry about the future in lots of the California desert (heck, it’s not just the desert!). Sahara Mustard has taken over great swaths of California, and like so many other invaders, it outcompetes the native annuals for water and sunshine. The last time I photographed wildflowers in Borrego Springs, the Mustard was tallest and most abundant.

    They’re difficult to properly uproot when they’re growing well, but when you cross them, KILL THEM! More info:

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    Hey Michael,

    Just found your comment in my spam filter – thanks for the link, I wished I had seen it before I wrote my Mustard post, maybe I will add it. That stuff is really sad and frustrating. I can’t believe how large some of the plant are getting – they are getting hard to pull!

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