Downtown San Diego

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Downtown San Diego, California.

Downtown San Diego, California.










Here is another photo from my aerial shoot.  The Aircraft Carrier in the foreground in the U.S.S. Midway.  The U.S.S. Midway is no longer active, it is actually a museum parked near downtown.

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  3. WOW! Good memories. I remember sitting on the boardwalk in Seaport Village watching the subs and carriers go by. Excellent!

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  5. Now that’s a really cool picture!! Did you go a tiny further south and get any pics of LaJolla?

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    Yes, I captured a number of shots of LaJolla including the pier and the childrens wading pool. I should post one for you.

  7. Ron,

    Great shot of the Midway at berth. I have some shots of the Midway from level 7 of the Peleliu when I rode her out of port in May last year for an assignment. The Midway brings back fond memories of UNREP in 15-foot seas in the Sea of Japan, where we could sometimes look down at the top of the Midway flight deck from my ship because the seas were rolling so much. I am glad they turned her into a museum rather than mothballing her. She looks great against the San Diego skyline.

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    Hey Carl,

    Great to hear from you – thanks for the comment! That would have been a fun assignment and probably brought back lots of old memories!


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