Elephants in Borrego?

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Borrego Sculptures

These cool elephant looking animals are actually metal sculptures of gomphotherium.  These guys actually used to roam in the Anza-Borrego area 3.7 million yeas ago – the gomphotherium, not the sculptures.  🙂 

There will eventually be at least a half dozen prehistoric animal sculptures around Borrego Springs.  These Ricardo Breceda sculptures are being paid for by Dennis Avery (like in Avery Labels) and are being placed in different parts of Galletta Meadows.  There are large tracks of land around the town of Borrego Springs with the signs identifying them as Galletta Meadows.  As I understand it, these large tracks of land were also purchased by Dennis Avery, and set aside as public accessible open areas. 

I’ve been told that Mr. Avery lives part-time in Borrego Springs and has been a long time benefactor of the area.  I think it is awesome for someone like him to give back so much to an area like this.  I know if I ever need labels that I will be buying Avery Labels.

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    Thanks Ricard,

    I did find it randomly – I must admit I did do a double take when I saw them. I picked up a local paper (Borrego Sun) to learn more of the details about them.

    I should have mentioned, they can be found a short ways north of the Christmas Tree Circle along Borrego Springs Road, just South of Big Horn Road.

  2. I did a doubletake myself when I saw this photo. How cool to stumble across such an interesting subject.What an awesome picture!!

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