Elk Calf

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Elk Calf Photo

As prevalent as Elk are in the fall in Yellowstone, I thought finding calves would be as easy as finding buffalo calves.  Fortunately I local friend and photographer warned me these little guys are hard to find as the cows keep them hidden away in the thick brush.  Elk calves have almost no scent when born, so as long as they are out of sight, they are difficult for predators to find.  Even so, up to two-thirds of the new calves in Yellowstone are killed by predators, mostly wolves and bears.  I was lucky to find this cute little guy! 

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  1. Hey Ron

    Ya know, I’ve never even SEEN an elk calf. I’m here in Jasper and see quite a few cows around, but I can’t find a calf anywhere.

    Very nice.



  2. Post

    Hi Carl,

    That is interesting. There are so many elk running around Jasper, I thought for sure the calves would be easier to find up there.



  3. What a great photo. We have seen a few elk calves over the years, some just born, and they are adorable, we have a photo of a newborn calf on our website. Unfortunately, we have not seen as many in the last coulple of years. In talking with the locals around the area, they have all said that the wolves and grizzly have been making a big effect on the elk calves. One rancher said they calve on his ranch and he had counted 53 calves. After calving, they stay in the area for about a month. By the end of that month, he said he counted several wolves and grizzly, and that the calf elk numbers decreased to 37.

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    Hi Wendy,

    Thanks for the comment, and for sharing your experiences. I would imagine the introduction of wolves was bound to have an effect on the elk and other animals for better and worse.



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