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  1. Hi Ron:

    I don’t what you have been putting on your oatmeal in the morning, but your Teton photographs are outstanding! Great job! I’m guessing you’re only showing the 2 star photos on your Blog and waiting until you go home to show the 4 star photos. (Just kidding.)

    When are we going to see the Snake River photos?

    I’m signing up for your next Teton workshop.

    Keep them coming,


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    Thanks a lot Michael!

    We left Jackson this morning and drove south along the Snake River – the reds were amazing. Unfortunately I didn’t get any Snake River photos this trip. Maybe next year.


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    Hi Gary,

    I was thinking you might have had these pink clouds at the barns this morning – maybe they were a little too far north.

    I headed down the road to the barns and passed you as you were driving out. I began to stop, but I don’t think you saw me.

    I hope the rest of your trip goes well. It was great having dinner with you!


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