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Troy Henkels kayaking in front of Cascade Falls, Prince William Sound, Alaska.

Troy Henkels kayaking in front of Cascade Falls, Prince William Sound, Alaska.

I have intended to tell you about and after seeing Necky sea kayaks for 45% off yesterday, it reminded me I needed to share this site.  But let me back up for a minute to explain.

By necessity, my occupation as an outdoor photographer requires a fair amount of good outdoor gear, so I’m always on the lookout for good deals on good outdoor equipment.  You may have remembered a post last spring where I talked about becoming addicted to these new websites like steep and cheap where they offer huge discounts on just a single item at a time.  Well, these one time “deals of the day” or even deal by hour are becoming more popular, with companies like Patagonia and REI getting in on the act.

Well it took too much time to try and visit a bunch of websites each day just in case there was something I “needed” so I created a little website that consolidated all these deals onto a single page.  For the last 6 months it has only been used by Janine and I, and a few friends, but I thought I should share it here as others might find it valuable.  So check it out and bookmark Outdoor Gear Deals – deal of the day website, the page automatically updates every 10 minutes.  It still needs some fine tuning, but I think you might find it helpful.

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  2. Hey Ron, just in time for Christmas too, I know my daughters are likely to get something from here! Thanks!

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  4. Hi Ron,
    Did your web site just get bigger? If so, I should have waited before just getting glasses for the first time last month! Looks good. I’ll be sure to check out the outdoor link. AND, if you just happen to be passing through Cordova in December, be sure to check out our show at the book store. It opens tomorrow.

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    Hi Milo,

    It got bigger early last summer.

    My mom mentioned your show at the bookstore – I would love to see it, it would be a treat to see your photos in print! Good luck.


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