Happy New Year!

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La Quinta Golf Resort, near Palm Springs, California.

La Quinta Golf Resort, near Palm Springs, California.

We spent a couple of nights in the Palm Springs area photographing and celebrating our anniversary.  (Note to reader;  if this is Janine, place the emphasis on anniversary, if your are with the IRS, emphasis on photography 🙂  )

I have learned the hard way that resorts like La Quinta are hard to photograph because they are surrounded by security personnel who seem to only be on the look-out for photographers.  Don’t they have criminals and stuff to worry about? 

Well the one way around this is to stay at the place, and thanks to name your price on Price-line, and the slow economy, that is now very possible.  A room on a Saturday night of a holiday weekend during the winter would have been unheard of last year even at the motel 6 – this year that is all we paid, well except for the mandatory resort fee that covers a bunch of stuff that should have been included anyways.

Well, Happy New Year everyone!

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    Thanks Richard!

    At this place (La Quinta Resort) they had security stationed on the road into the resort each morning. So I could walk around without dealing with them, and when I did come and go, I just showed my pass and was waved on by. Seems like the security in mainly there to prohibit access, once your are in you are golden.

    Happy New Year!

  2. It looks a helluva lot warmer than it is up here! It’s been -20 at the house the last couple mornings…we are headed back to finish up the vacation in Girdwood where it’s a balmy zero!!

    Happy Anniversary and Happy New Year!!

  3. Nice hotel!!! At least it wasn’t the Bates motel out of Psycho!! Happy Anniversary! How many years have you had to put up with each other? Just kidding!!!Hope you are both having a wonderful Anniversary & a Happy New Year!!

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    Thanks Sherri! 17

    Hey Tawny, it sure sounds miserably cold up there right now! Yikes. Happy New Year!

    Thanks Beth – yeah, this was no Bates motel, that is for sure. 17 years – that sounds like a lot!


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