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Seward Mountain Sunrise.

Seward Mountain Sunrise.

No matter how much fun a trip is, it is always nice to be home.  The one thing that always strikes me when stepping out of the Anchorage Airport is the crisp, freshness of the air.  It is hard to describe, but I find it invigorating!

Now the one thing that takes a bit of getting used to this time of year is the short days.  I captured this image just a short time ago at about 9:15 in the morning.  As you can see the sun isn’t up yet!

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  1. Hey Ron,

    Welcome home.

    Yeah, Anchorage air at midnight in November is pretty crisp. 🙂

    It was a nice sunrise here this morning too, but not as cool as what got down there.



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  4. Hi Ron and Janine, Your picture is awesome. We’ll be up for Christmas and looking forward to seeing you.

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    Thanks Dennis!

    Thanks Kathi!

    We are going to be visiting Janine’s family this year for Christmas, so unfortunately, we will probably miss you. ):


  6. That is the most beautiful sunrise. I love the rays of light .It looks like the stairway to heaven. Just gorgeous!

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    Hi Joni,

    That is taken from the house with a telephoto. The ocean is just below these mountains – we are very fortunate!

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