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  1. it’s been exciting (by blog standards) following your trips this year. how have you guys been traveling, did you rent an RV or have you been camping outside?

    it’s been frustrating trying to find a campsite in the Morro Bay and SF area for next week, so I ended up just booking rooms. i guess those places are just too popular in the summer for a good summer trip these days. 🙁

  2. Hey Ron

    Welcome home, buddy!

    I wanna know how long you made Janine sit still in that spot in the boat for the ripples to stop rippling?

    You’re in for a nice change with the weather, it appears. 🙂



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    Hi Richard,

    Gald you enjoyed the blog! We used to travel in a small camper that I would drive back and forth to Alaska every fall and spring. That was a long drive, and very small quarters for doing business – this winter we were able to buy a 5th wheel that we leave in the Lower 48. That has made working and traveling a piece of cake!

    Bummer you couldn’t find camping. This is such a busy time of year everywhere!


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    Thanks Carl!

    It is nice to be home! Definitely cooler, but I sure love how green everything is right now!

    You know, the ripples went away surprisingly quickly – even in the paddling shots, the refection still showed.


  5. Interesting. From looking at pictres between the two, the camper seems rather tight. so I guess for a 5th wheel you’d probably need a lot of horsepower. i’ve been thinking about getting a 4runner for my next vehicle and ripping out the back seats to make it a digital photo office. i’d have to figure out how to power it up though lke an RV hookup. that would certainly be nicer than having to pitch a tent.

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    Yeah, we used a tent a lot during the early years – we even slept a number of nights in the cab of the pick-up! A 4 runner could make a nice, mobile office.

  7. The last tent I owned was eaten apart by ants in the Eastern Sierra two years ago. I’m sure sleeping in a pick-up is better than ant-infested tents. 🙂

  8. Just looked at the other photo’s you took and they are great. I love the nature and the way you caputered it is breathtaking. These views is what I love about kayaking in the outdoors.

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  10. Thanks Edwin!
    I love the photo’s too..the views are great..
    kayaking in that place is such a wonderful experience..

    thanks for the post!

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