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Mountain biker on the Bike Park, Whistler, Canada.

Mountain biker launches of a ledge on one of the intermediate trails in the Bike Park, Whistler, Canada.

We were surprised to see that Whistler is just as busy in the summer as it is in the winter.  You can still ski and snowboard high up on the glacier.  In addition, you can raft, kayak, golf, zip-line, bungee jump, ride alpine slides…

But the big activity is downhill mountain biking.  They have an elaborate set of trails on the mountain complete with ramps, jumps and a whole bunch of other challenges.  Riders wear “body armor” and full face helmets and ride mountain bikes that appear to have suspensions similar to motorcycles!

We only had one day and two nights – it was tough not having the time to “play”!

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  1. Yeah, those guys are freaking crazy, Ron! Have you ever seen the videos of these guys. Look for the downhill unicycler while your at it.

  2. Post

    Hi Laurent,

    Yeah, they were playing some videos in a pub we stopped in – insane! Didn’t see a unicycle, but did see a guy in an off road, downhill wheel chair just killing it.

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